bad babysitter

I’m a Bad Babysitter but a Great FUCK


You noticed how cute I was the minute your wife let me in the house. I’m the new babysitter, and I just turned 18 years old and started my first semester of college.  I smile at you and my eyelashes flutter just as I flip my hair. I shake your hand when your wife introduces us and you notice how petite and soft my hand is compared to hers. Your poor wife does dishes, changes diapers, and scrubs the house down all the time. I don’t do that stuff. I still take my laundry home to mom.


I live just a few streets away, off campus in my own little tiny three-room apartment, and hey it’s great to meet you. Your wife gives me all the right phone numbers, shows me around. Timmy has been tucked away in bed already. He’ll be sleeping for the rest of the night. Then she grabs you by the arm and whisks you away for a late dinner and movie. Off you go as I peek through the window. Now my fun begins.


I make a few calls knowing I have a few hours before you’ll get back. One of the guys I am fucking answers and says he’ll be right over. I go digging through your gorgeous Master bedroom. I find some of your wife’s lingerie. It fits, though it’s a little too big on my small frame.  Jeremy quietly knocks at the door. the last we want to do is wake up your brat. We don’t have time for that because Jeremy is cheating on his girlfriend with me. I’m a bit of a slut. I don’t care about his stupid girlfriend. I keep a group of guys in my contact list strictly for playtime. And for some reason, I just love fucking in other people’s beds hehe.


Think about it. My juices are making your wife’s panties sticky. I am sure my pussy is wetter than hers anytime. She looked a bit tired to me.  You are probably enjoying your dinner while Jeremy has some pussy to eat. On your bed. In your house. I wonder if you are thinking about me at all. I saw how you looked at me. It was a double take. You glanced, and then you looked back really hard at me. Hard, probably like your cock was.


Speaking of cocks, Jeremy’s big stiff one is plowing me doggy style. In your house, and on your bed. I wonder if you will smell my pussy there later.  Jeremy likes to fuck me a long time. We rolled all around in your bed. We stained the sheets with cum from both of us. Jeremy shoots his hot load in my tight little pussy and fills me up with white creamy goodness. He has to go but that’s fine by me. I don’t care much for chit-chat.  It’s getting late anyway, I have to straighten out the bed and put your wife’s stuff away. then I’ll go downstairs to the living and pretend to be reading something.


I am looking forward to you bringing your wife home and you offering to drive me home since it’s too late for me to walk home. I have a kinky plan for you too. I want to test you to see if you’ll cheat on your wife. I bet you will if I offer to suck your dick. This is going to be so much fun. I hope you are prepared to be taken over by lust. this bad girl babysitter wants to manipulate you and get an extra $20 for a good job.


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