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adult chat Lorraine’s Personal Sexy Note to You

Hi there, my name is Lorraine and I’m 27 years old and currently residing in Las Vegas. Most gentlemen find me to be elegant, articulate, intelligent, and classy. Most perverts find me to be nasty, filthy minded, horny, and downright kinky. Which type of guy are you? I’m a woman with two sides to her personality. One side I show to the world, and the other becomes “exposed” only behind closed doors. In secret, I want to experience all types of sex, and all types of fantasy… even the most taboo. I certainly cannot claim to have “done it all” sexually, but I am making a “to do” list. I’m still searching out ideas to expand my sexual resume, and I am always discovering something new that’s pleasurable and naughty. Do you have some new ideas that you would share with me? There must be something wild that you want to share with a good listener and enthusiastic student. Let’s have a melding of perverted minds and create some serious debauchery together! Call and ask for Lorraine, let’s talk out the graphic details and masturbate together!

Phone Sex Rates

phone sex rates

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Talk to Lorraine in total privacy! She’s at home not in an office and that allows her to get as kinky and nasty with you as you’d both like! No topic is “censored” or “limited” so let your perversions all hang out! Phone Sex with Lorraine is privately and discreetly billed and our telephone number is toll-free!

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