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Hello! My name is Tiffany and I am the manager here at PhoneVixens.com.

I’ve been the manager of this phone sex service for over 14 years. I believe in strong customer service no matter what type of business you are dealing with. In other words, just because this is an adult audiotext company… it doesn’t mean we are not “professional”.

We care about our clients and we want you to have a great experience with our company from the billing to the orgasm! I make myself available to clients during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

If you have any question that the receptionist can’t answer, or should you have any sort of problem with using Phone Vixens as your phone sex service… please contact me personally.

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I take all problems very seriously and always try to find a solution that everyone is happy with. I usually answer emails in 24 hrs or less. Or you can leave me a voicemail message. Please be detailed and give me specifics on when to call you back if you need me to. Your privacy is important. Please do not hesitate to contact me with anything that is on your mind.

Here is my personal email address. Please feel free to email me directly.  hot talk  Email Me

You also may call and leave a voicemail for my personal office number.   hot talk  


Call a Vixen 1-877-438-4936

Only $17.50 for 7 minutes

$2.50 for each additional minute!

US & Canadian Residents Only. Must Be 18+