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hot talk  Welcome to Phone Vixens! This page is intended to inform you all about our company. We hope you read it so that can learn about us before you spend your hard-earned cash with us.

We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and the cool thing about that is that we are an intimate company that is privately owned. We are not a large corporation with an “office” set up. Everyone from our receptionists to our operators work from home. There are very very few companies who can say they have been in business for so long. We’ve stayed around so long because we do honest billing, have excellent customer service, practice professionalism every step of the way. We are clearly doing something right because we have seen many fly by night companies come on strong and vanish just as quickly. If you are a client of phone sex services then you have probably seen that happen. We have a great reputation as a business.

 adult chat Some may call us “old school” phone sex, but that’s just silly.

There isn’t any way that any phone sex company can perform or offer a sexual fantasy any differently. You cannot sell creativity. What truly matters is longevity, professional attitudes, safe billing, and that you find the perfect phone sex operator that can become your “go to girl”. That’s right.. the best phone sex comes from the operator herself. And we have plenty to choose from.

adult chat Phone Sex will always be in “fashion”.

Phone Sex is just a different way for men to masturbate. You can lay back and close your eyes to escape into a sensual voice that can lead you to your ultimate fantasyland.

You can literally discuss ANYTHING with our service because we designed it that way. We never ever limit your conversation or your fantasy. We are a no taboo phone sex service and we really mean it! There is nothing too shameful to talk about because we believe all is fair in fantasyland. Our belief is to provide a safe non-judgmental environment where a fantasy can run wild.

adult chat Our receptionists answer calls, and they collect your information for billing purposes.

You do not have to hear a cheesy recording asking you to key in your own info. You can also summarize your fantasy and have the receptionist suggest which girls you might like. They’ll tell you which ladies we have available and some basic info about them if need be. Dealing with a live receptionist helps us to give you a more personalized phone sex experience while also keeping your info more private.

hot talk  We provide high-quality customer service, discreet billing, and, of course, reasonable prices. We also have another goal: to bring you the best phone sex experience you can have on the Internet.


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