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Phone Vixens is an adult audiotext service or, a phone sex service. We provide adult entertainment and “enhance masturbation” via telephone with a live fantasy artist. Phone sex at PhoneVixens.com is a service that helps you to explore your secret fantasies, your kinkiest fetishes, and we support all types of roleplay.


 The Vixens work from home, not an office, studio, or call center.

These are also girls who genuinely like phone sex and are not bothered by unique and creative fantasies. All conversations with Phone Vixens are respected, handled with care, and are completely private. The girls have “no taboos” so they are willing to discuss ANY type of fantasy.


 Phone Vixens is personal and discreet.

We can take your kinky interests and twist them into a magical passionate experience that will be memorable. You don’t need to masturbate alone or to the same video clips you’ve seen a million times. Having an interactive telephone call allows you to get feedback, and engage in mutual dirty talk. And if you’ve never tried it then you do not know how much it can be.


 PhoneVixens.com is completely legal and legit.

There are no tricks, gimmicks, marketing ploys, or false promises.  We are a Corporation, professional, and 100% ethical in all practices.


 We have no connection charges, and we do not try to sell you anything additional. Spend as much or as little as you like with our simple rates. Just $2.50 per minute with a 7-minute minimum.

Let yourself go and enjoy your time with a lovely Vixen that wants to keep you company while you masturbate. It’s always hot when you involve us.


Phone Vixens… the only solution to your boner!

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Phone Sex Rates

phone sex rates

Call a Vixen at Home right now! Dial 1-877-438-4936

Only $17.50 for 7 minutes and $2.50 for each additional minute!
US and Canadian Residents over the age of 18 only!