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Only $17.50 for 7 minutes and $2.50 for each additional minute!

Call Toll Free 1-877-43-VIXEN

Want to double your pleasure AND fun? Then try a 2 Girl Phone Sex call for only $3.50 per minute with a 7 minute minimum.

No Taboos and No Limits Phone Sex
Welcome to! If you are looking for an affordable, reliable, and profesional phone sex company that will allow you fantasy freedom to discuss any topic... then you have come to the right place.What is fantasy freedom? It's the ability to discuss any fetish, fantasy, or even desire without ANY limits to your conversation. We do NOT censor topics! You and the Vixen of your choice can really talk about ANYTHING. No Terms of Service rules to follow and No Judgment here. Just the freedom to express your sexuality in any way that will get your rocks off. To call us open minded would be an understatement. We encourage you to explore every kinky thing you can come up with!

Below are Live Indicators for our horny phone sex vixens! They show who is available right now to take your phone call. You can click directly on their picture to see the girls individual and personal page with more photos. If you cannot see the Live Indicators then please try using Internet Explorer or Firefox for your browser.

Want to see when new girls become available? Just keep refreshing the page!

Want to see when new girls become available? Just keep refreshing the page!

Secure Phone Sex Billing
Who are these phone Sex Vixens? They are women both young and older that enjoy phone sex, kinky sex, and sexual exploration. This is a home based phone sex service so each operator works out of her home. Some even take calls in their bedrooms. These Vixen have strong sexual interests of their own and they satify many of the urges through phone sex. Phone Vixens do not use scripts and they are not "trained" to be phone sex operators, they are genuinely interested in sex and talking to callers. Please review the website, get to know each Vixen and our Company too. We have been in business for over 20 years now and we've stayed in business because we are good at what we do. From the billing to the orgasm... you will never be disappointed.
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